Why Coworking?

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Around the world, coworking spaces are growing more and more popular as more and more professionals opt to hire these adaptable spaces and benefit from a shared workspace. This may appear strange at first because it could seem ideal to stay at home or in a quiet area away from other people and distractions. There are many benefits to being able to be in an office setting even when one is not an employee.

The advantages of coworking spaces range from the networking possibilities to the building’s features (high speed internet, meeting rooms, etc.); from the delocalized nature of this type of office —ideally one can locate a coworking space even when on the road— to the socializing possibilities. Therefore, let’s go over the advantages of a shared workspace.

With more than 3 Locations, our vision is to develop an ecosystem of experience-led mentorship, collaboration and connection, where anyone who wants to take part can succeed and grow

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